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The communities that we currently service are limited to the following:

BUXTON, HOLLIS, LIMINGTON and STANDISH. (We don't service the Lake area, nothing North of Sebago Lake Station)

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This is us.
Our entire corporation.
Krystal is the CEO, COO and CFO.
Volunteer, at that. Unpaid. No vacations.
I'm the Technician. Just doing my job, keeping my head down.
We have three possible future techs in elementary school.
Krystal has a full time job and does all of my scheduling in her down time. She helps coach basketball for our oldest, too.
We take pride in our work, and our name. My Dad was a great technician with a huge customer base. A hard act to follow.
Part of having a successful business is being busy. Wicked busy.
Please be patient with us, we do get swamped with calls.
We had around 50 messages over Christmas weekend.
I can do 5 service calls on a normal day, while our kids are in school. That's the extreme, but you get the idea.
The BEST way to reach us will always be over the phone.
207-727-3462. It's a machine, leave us a message with a nice clear number and she'll get back to you just as quickly as possible.
We won't be able to come tomorrow. We're usually about a week out, sometimes two weeks. We do the very best that we can.
We don't work on weekends. If you call Friday afternoon, chances are she'll call back sometime on Monday.
Messages through Facebook, our website, and our e-mail will also get a response, but only after those phone calls all get returned. Yes, electronic response should theoretically be quicker, but ours get mixed in between 50-75 useless spam or junk messages every day. It takes a while to get them sorted out.
You're always better off calling the machine.
Thank you, to all of our past, current and future customers.
We are nothing without you.
Thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding.
We will continue to provide our absolute best service.

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Our Services

What We Provide

We perform in-home, residential appliance repair. I'll show up, on time, with a truck full of parts, tools, and experience.

We service refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and ranges.

We don't do any WARRANTY work, in that case, contact the product manufacturer.

We don't service LG, SAMSUNG or DAEWOO refrigerators, including KENMORE models starting with 111, 401 or 795. Your best bet would be to call the manufacturer directly. 

We don't service LG or SAMSUNG dishwashers or cooking products.


We don’t service WALL OVENS.

We don't offer service for GAS appliances.

Contact your gas supplier, I'm sure they can recommend someone.

We cover as much area as possible, while maintaining an effective schedule.


The communities that we currently service are limited to the following:

BUXTON, HOLLIS, LIMINGTON and STANDISH. (We don't service the Lake area, nothing North of Sebago Lake Station.)

Brand New Kitchen

Refrigerator Repair

No LG, Samsung, Bosch or Daewoo

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

No Asko, Bosch or Speed Queen

Washer & Dryer

Dryer Repair

No Asko, Bosch or Speed Queen

Digital Stove

Range Repair

No LG or Samsung

No Bosch, Dacor, Viking or Wolf

No Wall Ovens

Dish Washer

Dishwasher Repair

No LG or Samsung.

No Bosch, Asko or Dacor.

Home: Services


Our basic Service Call charge is currently $95.
Parts are extra, of course. We buy from a local supplier, and won't gouge you. If we need to order parts and come back another day, you're still covered under that same $95.
If your repair requires a ton of labor, or you have multiple appliances to fix, I may have to charge a little more, but I'll let you know right up front. No surprises.
We can give you an estimate, to the penny, before any work is done.
You will be responsible for the Service Call once we come out.
If I flip the circuit breaker back on, or your machine isn't worth the repair, or some other foolishness, I still have to charge you for the Call, but I've been known to give a discount on occasion.

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My Blog.

Stories, thoughts, and reflection.
Click on one of these latest tales, below. From there you can see the full catalog.
I'm slowly bringing over some of my Facebook stories, and trying to polish the rough edges.
Taking out some of the commas. New and improved.
Become a member, and I'll let you know when the new stuff comes out.
Feel free to comment, but be nice. My Mom might read this someday.
Hit the log-in message, way up at the top right.

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Professional repairs, on all major brands, at a great price.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use detergent pods?

No. Never.

1: Don’t eat them

2: Don’t put them in the washer.

3: Don't put them in the dishwasher.

Pods are overpriced and inefficient. Your washer only needs one or two tablespoons of any detergent to get good results.

Fabric softener, like rinse aid, only works when used in the proper dispenser, which adds it to the final rinse at the very end of the cycle. Just like at the car wash. That pod is long gone by then.

Same goes for your dishwasher, use a detergent and a rinse aid in their proper dispensers for best results.

We've had a run on dead dishwasher pumps lately. All on backorder, they can't make them fast enough. The most recent victim still had the little carcass of a half melted pod, the wax bag, jammed in the tiny, seized impeller.

Burned out. They don't make them like they used to.

It's a sad story. Backordered parts may not come in for weeks, or even months.

Many opt to buy a whole new dishwasher. Because of a pump.

Because of a pod.

It's up to you.


What kind of refrigerator should I buy?

It's entirely up to you. I used to recommend my favorite brands, but these days, you're all on your own.
It doesn't matter if you spend $1800 or $18000. 
(Yes, they make those.) They all break down sooner or later.
Stay away from companies that also produce electronic goods. They do make excellent phones. I'll leave it at that.
Covid has reminded us that it's a really long way to China, where your support and repair parts will be coming from.
I can tell you what's popular, and my favorite design:
Freezer on the bottom, French doors on top.
Slick, and convenient. Roomy, even.
You will probably like it. Most do.
Skip the ice and water dispenser, though.
You'll have to trust me, on that one.


Why should I skip the dispenser?

Easy. You make ice in the freezer.
Everyone loves the French doors, all of the fresh food right there where you can reach it, without bending over.
When they add the dispenser, they need to supply the ice to it. Essentially building a tiny freezer inside the fresh food section.
First, you lose a bunch of vital space.
About two grocery bags' worth.
Second, there's a wanna be freezer in your fridge section. If it's cold enough to make ice cubes, your orange juice is going to freeze over sometimes.
You can get a water dispenser, for nice chilled and filtered drinking, but keep the ice down in the freezer. Where it belongs.


What if I really, really want an ice dispenser?

If you must hear the clunking of cubes in your cup, you need to buy a side by side.
A proven classic, built around that ice dispenser. In the freezer, where it belongs. It takes up some space, mind you, but not like the older models.
Still, if you ever buy frozen pizzas, or large turkeys for the Holidays, you wont like it. Side by sides work best when accompanied by a small chest freezer.
This one is ours. We have kids.


How cold should it be?

The old standbys have always been Zero, in the freezer, and about 40 in the fresh food section. 38 will give you nice, cold drinks, but don't go any lower.
For a quick check, grab a container of ice cream from the freezer. Squeeze the sides, like you're trying to squish it. It should feel like a perfect avacado.
If it's hard as a cold rock, turn the temp up, just a little bit.
If it's soft, and you can mush the sides right in, it's not quite cold enough. 
Just right is just right. Scoopable.
The ice bin should stay full. Cubes should be full sized, and not all stuck together.
To check the fresh food section, you really need a thermometer. I use a probe type, and stick it right in the pickle jar. It should never be above 40 degrees.


How come my dishes dont get clean, or dry?

Today’s dishwasher is not the old porcelain lined jewel that Grandma had. Not by a longshot.

Those babies had a huge washing machine style motor, and most had some sort of grinder built in.

They could chew up a few food scraps, and blast them down the drain. Powerful.

Big heaters, and even fans for drying. All about performance.

Those days are gone.

Today, all appliance design concentrates on energy consumption, and noise level.

Wash motors have digressed from 750 watts of power to 250w, then 180. Today’s models have squeezed out more efficiency, and the newest are down to 55, even 40 watts.

Heaters are smaller. Cycles run longer. 2 or 3 hours is normal. They barely wash, and barely dry.

Will they grind up food? No. Never. They choke on food. The little blue motor in the picture still has a half digested soap pod lodged in it’s throat. Fatal. That’s a $250 repair.

What can you do, to help?

A lot. Throw the pods away, or cut them open, and squeeze the juice out.

Better yet, just buy regular detergent. Liquid or powder. Buy rinse aid. There’s a special dispenser for it.

It squirts a little tiny bit, in the final rinse cycle. Like hot wax at the car wash. Pods can’t do that.

More water sheens off, and drying is easier.

Run the hot water at the kitchen sink before you start the dishwasher. This will ensure a nice hot fill when you start the cycle. Cold water does a horrible job. Yes, there’s a heater, but that’s for drying, not heating the water. That’s where the 3 hour cycles come from.

RINSE YOUR DISHES. Your dishwasher does not grind anything up. Knock all solids off your dishes, into the garbage.

Any food that goes in there will bounce around on your dishes until the water breaks it down, or it’ll be laying in the bottom when the cycle is finished. Yum.

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Our Testimonials

Satisfied Clients

Send a review, on the form below. Be sure to include your name, and we'll get them posted right here.

Tell us how we did !!

Great customer service & quick to repair the issue with our microwave. Highly recommend.

Kristen R.

A great husband and wife team that went out of their way to get me in even though they're super busy. Excellent work! Fast, efficient, and affordable! Will be calling again if anything breaks!!!

Abby D.

Excellent service. Affordable and thorough work ethic.

Kirsten H.

Super nice couple! highly recommend. Responded quickly, were able to fit me in for dryer issues, and unexpectedly need him to look at washer as well, and he did so without hesitation. Thank you both!

Terry B.

Dean fixed our dryer recently..he's knowledgeable, trustworthy, and VERY reasonably priced! Thank you for your quality service!!!

Rebecca D.

The best, inexpensive, appliance repair around. If you want great service at a great price, call them first. I'm glad I did!

Carole S.

We had Gallants come out today for the first time, and had a great experience, Dean went above and beyond and we will definitely call him next time we need a repair! His rates are very reasonable I might add. I highly recommend Gallants.

Jackie F.

Great service and super nice people!! We called Gallant's trhough a recommendation of a friend...We will use them again and highly recommend Gallant Appliance Service.

Debra A.

Speedy & Reliable & FAIR....These three words describe Gallant Appliance Service to a tee!

Bobbi Jo W.

Great service, friendly and reasonably priced

Chris A.

Great business, great service, reasonable prices. My highest recommendation!!!!!

Warren G.

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Get in Touch

Questions, comments or reviews?
Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Buxton, Maine, USA


Thanks for submitting!

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