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This is us.

Our entire corporation.

Krystal is the CEO, COO and CFO.

Volunteer, at that. Unpaid. No vacations.

I'm the Technician. Just doing my job, keeping my head down.

We have three possible future techs in elementary school.

Krystal has a full time job and does all of my scheduling in her down time. She helps coach basketball for our oldest, too.

We take pride in our work, and our name. My Dad was a great technician with a huge customer base. A hard act to follow.

Part of having a successful business is being busy. Wicked busy.

Please be patient with us, we do get swamped with calls.

We had around 50 messages over Christmas weekend.

I can do 5 service calls on a normal day, while our kids are in school. That's the extreme, but you get the idea.

The BEST way to reach us will always be over the phone.

207-727-3462. It's a machine, leave us a message with a nice clear number and she'll get back to you just as quickly as possible.

We won't be able to come tomorrow. We're usually about a week out, sometimes two weeks. We do the very best that we can.

We don't work on weekends. If you call Friday afternoon, chances are she'll call back sometime on Monday.

Messages through Facebook, our website, and our e-mail will also get a response, but only after those phone calls all get returned. Yes, electronic response should theoretically be quicker, but ours get mixed in between 50-75 useless spam or junk messages every day. It takes a while to get them sorted out.

You're always better off calling the machine.

Thank you, to all of our past, current and future customers.

We are nothing without you.

Thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding.

We will continue to provide our absolute best service.

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