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A Couple of Jewels

Today’s fancy washing machines are impressive, but not very durable. Four years is the average expected service life, no matter how much you invest, and that’s a stretch for some.

Here’s a washer with a pretty good record. This old General Electric model is at least 30, and still getting it done. This is the kind of machine that I cut my repairman teeth on, so many years back. Shadowing my Dad and holding the flashlight for him soon turned to handing him tools, and eventually hands-on experience. I remember these GE machines having a particularly tricky motor coupling, and a big, sharp concrete block bolted into the framework. Belt dust coated everything, and my hands would be filthy when I finished. They weren’t my favorite.

Most of these washed their final loads years ago.

This particular machine has fared very well, with minimal maintenance here and there. Our friend Evelyn has been working it regularly for the past 26 years, and it was used when she moved in. I shouldn’t say regularly, she’s obviously taken exceptionally good care of it. An easy touch. Never overloaded, always kept clean. Spotless. Little investments that have shown a handsome return.

It’s not just that old machine, Miss Evelyn represents a classic generation of kind, gentle souls. She lives in an actual neighborhood, where people look out for one another. Strangers that have grown to become the best kind of friends. Checking in, keeping tabs on, sharing laughs, and an occasional home-cooked meal. Simply caring. It means so much.

Evelyn takes care of herself as well, bless her wonderful heart. That old washer has nothing on her, in a few short weeks she’ll be a fresh, spry 97 years of age. Here’s to many more. And Thank You, Ma’am, for all of the kindness and consideration that may have gone unnoticed in a century’s time.

You make our World a better place.

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